Friday, March 12, 2010

Push peace, achieving emotion (F x's 3 Series #5)

For today's Fab Five I'm going to do something a little different, since consistency so isn't my thing, and take an idea from, since creativity, also, isn't my thing (today).

Laugh: Paula Deen was on Craig Ferguson this week. While his show always makes me laugh, this particular episode was full of hilarious moments. Like how they never actually made food. Or how Paula Deen's southern accent really does not lend itself to speaking French. Watch it here.

Rage: A big story hitting news stands lately is about how a girl in Mississippi is suing her school district to hold prom. Why might you ask, would someone have to do that? Well, it is because her school district is full of prehistoric douchebags who, evidently, are unaware of the full definition of equality. You see this girl would like to bring her girlfriend to the prom. And wear a tux. And basically enjoy a lovely night of high school fantasy. Instead, its all turned to Nightmare before Prom land where, sure she can bring her GF to prom, but the school has cancelled prom, and in order to get the obvious equality of treatment that she deserves, she has to involve an impartial third party to remind the school of that. What is wrong with people?! This is not a question of sexuality and gender role bending, but of HUMAN RIGHTS. She is a PERSON who has a significant other who wants to celebrate a night, in public, with that significant other. We don't have the balls to question that when its a man and a woman, so what is so monumental about woman and woman, or man and man? But what really got my blood boiling are the comments at the end of the article I read.  I'll warn you though, you might throw up a little from sheer disgust of how "backwards" some of the comments are.

Cry: I had neighbours once who taught their kids that crying was not ok. They weren't allowed to cry when they were hurt, or when they were mad, or just because. Crying to them was reserved for monumental occasions, and even then, only a few tears were acceptable. I can't decide if this was a really brilliant parenting strategy, or just really fucked up. Only time will tell. I think it's measured in how many psych session each of the kids go through.

*This whole idea came from the Laugh, Rage, Cry series Tegan and Sara did with, which you can find here.

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