Saturday, March 27, 2010

And if you build a model home, just burn it to the ground.

My theory of the days of the week: Monday through Friday is actual so-called "week". Saturday and Sunday are a separate entity known as "The Weekend". Therefor it is only right to reflect back on the week, on the weekend. (Because that obviously need clarification/justification).

1.) Vanity Fair + Howard Schatz = Pure Brilliance.
2.) Major steps in international relations: US and Russia agree to a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Once again common sense prevails in the White House.
3.) The last minute of Community is some of the funniest shit on television right now.
4.) March madness concert-palooza is officially done as of last night. Said the Whale and In-Flight Safety brought quality music last night, ending my month in a most wonderful way. (And to be completely fan girl - I SAW GRAHAM WRIGHT. HE WALKED BY ME. OH SWEET JEEBUS.) But i'll write more all about it later.
5.) I've had almost one hundred posts on this blog. So I feel like it is time to move on to bigger and brighter things. I'll leave this all up for right now, but as of today tumblr is officially my new blogging home. Same name, same game, just prettier and easier for me to use. You can keep reading my ramblings at

Au revior Blogspot, Salut Tumblr!

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