Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and laughter took the place of everything we knew we were not (MSB Series #2)

today on the bus...

... a girl was wearing a pink leather jacket. If Grease had of been set in the 80's, Sandy would have totally worn it when she became a pink lady.

... there was a very awkward umbrella incident. a woman (whether accidentally or on purpose i dont know) opened her umbrella, spraying the three ladies across from her with water. it was a fairly large golf umbrella from the university, and as she was struggling to close it the bus stopped and a woman walked on, not paying attention to the front of the bus where the flailing of the umbrella was occurring. to prevent something horrible from happening (or i assume that was the motive) one of the women who got sprayed threw out her arm and cried 'watch out'. the woman walking looked startled, and then in a very stern voice you might hear from your grandmother, told the flailing umbrella lady to 'put that away!' and promptly sat down right across from her. the rest of the ride was fairly quite...

... there are regulars! people who ride the bus on a daily basis, on the same route, at a fairly set time! i hadnt really thought about this (as you can tell from my enthusiasm). a guy got on the bus this morning, and this is how i assume the conversation between he and the bus driver went:

guy: fumbles in bag for a moment, but looks up "oh hi bob"
driver: look of recognition on his face "hello roger, how are you today"
guy: "good, good, yourself?"
driver: "not bad, oh dont worry about it" (referring to showing bus pass)
guy: "thanks bob, have a great day"

i want to be a regular just so i can have one of those pleasantly meaningless conversations with the bus driver.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sometimes im sleeping, and im still on my feet (MSB Series #1)

Today on the bus I saw...

... that the guy sitting in front of me, who both looked and smelled homeless, cleaned his (real) raybans every other stop, though they looked pretty clean to me... maybe he should focus on his hair next? lather, rinse, repeat...

... a university age girl sitting with an older woman, who was chatting away about the 80's before "all those stupid radicalists got involved." when the girl got off a couple of blocks from campus the woman kept talking...

... a boy who could only be 10 or younger wearing the smallest skinny jeans ive ever seen. i didnt know they made them for babies now. sounds like something baby gap would do...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

come on, come on, this is what you're looking for


prepare yourselves for my brilliant new idea to spice this place up!


forget politics for a minute, and let me share with you my tales in transit!

(i sound like a cheesy car salesman)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i dont wanna wait, for our lives to be over

i love politics students.

no really i do.

its great how seriously we take ourselves. its as if THIS right NOW is our chance to make LIFE ALTERING PROGRESS. regardless if progress is actually necessary or not. i mean, we've already made one of the greatest changes in life we could - going off to uni - so why not see how much more change we can accomplish in one fell swoop? why not keep our fingers crossed for an election? why not hold multiple ineffective protests for a cause that is relatively unimportant in the big picture? and why not ask completely USELESS and POINTLESS questions in the middle of lecture just to get the bonus points the prof promises? now that is what i call making a diference!

i want an effective government just as much as the next pol sci major. i would love it if tuition fees weren't sky high. it would just make my day to get bonus points in class. pick your battles people! (sorry im not deeply vested in the role of slaves in old greece, girl on my left who keeps asking dumb questions)

so call me a bad politics student, but hey, we're not all NDP junkies.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

when i get older, i will be stronger

This is the kind of thing that shouldnt be happening any more.

Being back at school, my friends and i have found the opportunity for a lot of political debate (ie. election in the fall? Laytons mustache should go? Students leaders of tomorrow?) but for some reason, the focus is on our little sphere of the national capitol region, and never on how to solve problems like CHILDREN DYING because they dont have electricity in schools.

You could say I'm a little frustrated.

Its disgusting how electricity powers the laptop I use to write this, and the website i use to read articles, and the lights in the rooms where i go to school.

Yet no one can think to translate that ability internationally? I realize the situation is a little more complex, but i dont see anyone defending why that school SHOULDNT have electricity...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

and we're going as fast as we can go, and we're showing as much as we all know

In my first Canadian Politics lecture of the semester the prof was saying how when people find out what he teaches one of the first questions they ask is what party he associates his ideals with, or which leader he likes best. He says to ask Harper how many words he wrote himself in his last speech.

I dont know if Obama truely believes everything he says, let alone writes it himself. Either way, this is how you convince people you do. Mad props to whoever prepared this little nugget of international relations gold.

Friday, September 11, 2009

its the dawning of the age of...

Right now I can only think in list form. Im tired. Its passed my bed time.

1. Please ignore my last couple of posts from August. They were sub-par. There are certain times when one should not post on their blog. Like when they're mourning. Its not fun to write, and certainly not fun to read.

2. In an effort to lighten things up around here, see cheery neon flowers above. Hooray!

3. I do feel my blogging needs a bit of a lift. Not sure what yet, so still expect articles and my comments on them, but hopefully things a little more... entertaining? inspired? just plain better? Ideas are welcome. Very welcome.

That is all for now. Sleep and old Friends episodes call.