Thursday, September 17, 2009

i dont wanna wait, for our lives to be over

i love politics students.

no really i do.

its great how seriously we take ourselves. its as if THIS right NOW is our chance to make LIFE ALTERING PROGRESS. regardless if progress is actually necessary or not. i mean, we've already made one of the greatest changes in life we could - going off to uni - so why not see how much more change we can accomplish in one fell swoop? why not keep our fingers crossed for an election? why not hold multiple ineffective protests for a cause that is relatively unimportant in the big picture? and why not ask completely USELESS and POINTLESS questions in the middle of lecture just to get the bonus points the prof promises? now that is what i call making a diference!

i want an effective government just as much as the next pol sci major. i would love it if tuition fees weren't sky high. it would just make my day to get bonus points in class. pick your battles people! (sorry im not deeply vested in the role of slaves in old greece, girl on my left who keeps asking dumb questions)

so call me a bad politics student, but hey, we're not all NDP junkies.

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