Monday, May 25, 2009

oooh you cut me deep

i am sorry to say ive neglected this blog of late, and upon realizing that this evening, i also noted that i hadn't read much of the news lately either. this in mind, i pulled up the front page of the toronto star, and, viola! and article that may very well be blog-worthy.

Major props to the woman. the queen sure does know how to pick the right diplomat for the job, and it seems that michaelle jean definitely is that woman.

I can understand how people would protest seal hunting. Especially if they're out of touch, live under a rock, and have no access to the news. However, if none of those apply, there is NO EXCUSE. I hate seeing something die as much as the next person, but i recognize that there are people different from me, who maintain traditions specific to their culture and life style. These traditions may not be appealing to me personally, but part of being an adult is live and let live.

So shame on you United Nations for banning a WAY OF LIFE. No one wants to see animals abused, but maybe you could have considered the nations and groups of people who are professional and understanding about their practice of hunting? and maybe not impose a ban that hurts more than it helps? Most importantly though is how the UN expects Canada to enforce a ban that affects its own peoples?

So, well played Michealle Jean. I mean, eating a heart really does scream solidarity.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

caught in a landslide, no escape from reality

there is no difference between the "real world" and what your are experiencing right now. you cant pick and choose the moments that are real.

love does not conquer all. it may conquer YOU for a little while, but it definitely does not conquer ALL.

the bastards wont grind you dont if you dont let them.

what you put in does not always equal what you get out. newton's third law is a bunch of crap.

nostalgia is the only way to remember your childhood.

religion will not always fill that void. eventually you have to face facts; you pick your own life meanings.

doing what you're passionate about is one of the hardest goals to accomplish.

potential topics for later on?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

our home and native land...

this morning on CBC's radio program Go, Brent was talking about what it means to be canadian, which, surpirse surprise, is something i think about a lot. upon hearing his list of certain defining characterisitics (knowing what a zamboni is, third line of "my heart will go on", etc.) i came up with a few of my own:

willingness to give directions when asked (even if you dont know exactly where you're directing to)

unshakable faith in your team (even if you havent exactly followed them this season)

belief that it is your duty to be an armchair critic of the CBC (even if you know there is no way it will ever change)

know and revere the beavertail (even if it is only good during the winter)

and take immense pride in all canadian actors (even if they've moved to the US and arent actually good at acting)

or maybe this is just what makes ME feel canadian?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ooooh mama life has just begun, i didnt mean to go and throw it all away

first i would like to say congratulationst to hallmark for cashing in on one major emotion in these "troubling economic times": GUILT. 

isnt that what mothers day is all about anyway? guilt on the part of significant others for failing so miserably as significant others? guilt on the parts of children to not bending to their mums will? guilt on the part of mothers for being horrible mothers? or is that all a little too extreme?

you see i grew up with the great pleasure of having atleast three mothers. i wont get into the details (no we are not polygamists, and my dad is not a pimp, cuckold, etc.) but just know that these women all contributed to my upbringing, and continue to interfere in my day to day life. thus making them my mothers. they get together and drink bottles of wine, share personal information, solve world problems, and discuss, in great detail, what their children and various family members are doing with their lives. they judge, make suggestions, and get tipsy.

so for beloved mothers day, we give them all a break, and cook dinner, make lots of fuss, and generally make them feel like their judging, suggestions, and alcohol intake, have greatly added to our lives. sort of. in a guilty way. personally, i partake because i know that deep deep down inside i have a piece of my mother in me. a very small piece mind you, but its there. and i dont like it. so i celebrate her, in the guilty hope that that small piece goes away. or gets smaller. 

and viola! hallmark cashes in.

Friday, May 8, 2009

bars are lame.

ok, well, they can be pretty sweet.

but in smalltown hometown they are lame. especially if you just turned 19.

i just love how the dim lights hide the wrinkles from years of working on the family farm, or the scars and bad facial hair from being trapped in the plant. its especially entertaining to listen to the guy in the corner shouting a beatles cover, in a "new" key (dont worry his guitar is stilled tuned to the right one). theres nothing quite like watching the mother of a friend perched at the bar with a guy half her age, gee what a role model to strive to be. or better yet, how the washed up waitresses wont serve you on the patio out back because its too cold. though, i could be wrong, it might just be too far to walk. and there really is nothing like getting hit on by a scraggly 40-something to celebrate the legal drinking age. whoop whoop. 

and parents wonder why the city has such allure?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the market

McDreamy vs. McDruggy

I will admit this without shame; I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. And to a lesser extent, House.

I have the greatest respect for Shonda Rhimes. Oh how she has kept me begging for more Mer/Der drama, I love a good Izzy breakdown, Bailey's rants bring joy to my heart, and Christina's quips make me giggle.

However. this has come to an end. I've recently realized that my two beloved shows are teasing me. they are stringing me along in fact, assuming I am some blind faithful follower! not so. not so at all. 

Denny's reappearance on Grey's was something of a let down for me. Genius way to kill off Izzy, perhaps, but disappointing. I felt like we had been there, done that, accepted he was dead, and moved on. So in my opinion, it was something of a cop-out for the writers, along the lines of, "lets just distract them with this while we come up with the REAL story and take our sweet time doing so" I was grateful when Denny went back to the dead, maybe now that they've done the zombie lover type thing it will never happen again, just a sad little blip in the awesomeness of the series. 

I WAS SO WRONG. because now the writers of House haved decided it was a good idea, and did the same damn thing.

So I might be a little biased, I didnt like Amber to begin with, I certainly dont like her any more now. But, I see what these writers are doing, they cant come up with more interesting patients, so they desperately steal a page from Grey's and take a breather while they figure out how to introduce the good material again. House is too finely developed a charcter to go through rehab again. We all know its the vicodin thats the problem! And like his team wont notice something is wrong, sheesh.  

What gets me is that TV is a form of entertainment, and there is NOTHING entertaining about watching two shows use the same plot sequence. both house and greys needed to deal with their major plot issues before the finale left us hanging, but to use the same bring back the dead lover ploy is just lame. Mer/Der are moving up the wedding for Izzy, and my bet is, shes going to die. Check, kill off character and resolve drama. House and Cuddy hooked up, and Cameron and Chase broke up. Check, kill off charcter (well, atleast i think Chase is finally going to get gone) and resolve drama. god people. LETS GET A LITTLE MORE CREATIVE PLEASE. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the living room table at our friends house theres a pile of photography books. (Their son is a photojournalist) and just in talking about photography with them this weekend, and enjoying photography as a hobby myself, I thought i would go on a search tonight to find a truly interesting photo in the news. Something of a fail (there are only so many pictures of people in masks, or of pigs, one can take) until I found this:

I used to subscribe to National Georgraphic, and remember finding amazing photos. Something about good photography really makes me happy. Anywho, finding this is hands down the coolest thing ive found online in awhile. Not only are they breath taking photos, but thought provoking. Who could have taken the pictures? where are they from? I guess it gives me a sense of unity, a global view.

And its an awesome way to waste away an hour or two.