Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ooooh mama life has just begun, i didnt mean to go and throw it all away

first i would like to say congratulationst to hallmark for cashing in on one major emotion in these "troubling economic times": GUILT. 

isnt that what mothers day is all about anyway? guilt on the part of significant others for failing so miserably as significant others? guilt on the parts of children to not bending to their mums will? guilt on the part of mothers for being horrible mothers? or is that all a little too extreme?

you see i grew up with the great pleasure of having atleast three mothers. i wont get into the details (no we are not polygamists, and my dad is not a pimp, cuckold, etc.) but just know that these women all contributed to my upbringing, and continue to interfere in my day to day life. thus making them my mothers. they get together and drink bottles of wine, share personal information, solve world problems, and discuss, in great detail, what their children and various family members are doing with their lives. they judge, make suggestions, and get tipsy.

so for beloved mothers day, we give them all a break, and cook dinner, make lots of fuss, and generally make them feel like their judging, suggestions, and alcohol intake, have greatly added to our lives. sort of. in a guilty way. personally, i partake because i know that deep deep down inside i have a piece of my mother in me. a very small piece mind you, but its there. and i dont like it. so i celebrate her, in the guilty hope that that small piece goes away. or gets smaller. 

and viola! hallmark cashes in.

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