Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the living room table at our friends house theres a pile of photography books. (Their son is a photojournalist) and just in talking about photography with them this weekend, and enjoying photography as a hobby myself, I thought i would go on a search tonight to find a truly interesting photo in the news. Something of a fail (there are only so many pictures of people in masks, or of pigs, one can take) until I found this:

I used to subscribe to National Georgraphic, and remember finding amazing photos. Something about good photography really makes me happy. Anywho, finding this is hands down the coolest thing ive found online in awhile. Not only are they breath taking photos, but thought provoking. Who could have taken the pictures? where are they from? I guess it gives me a sense of unity, a global view.

And its an awesome way to waste away an hour or two.

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