Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey don't act embarrassed, you're not fooling anyone. (F x's 3 Series #3)

Though it is technically Saturday right now, I have decided that this will be counted as a post on a Friday, simply because I have not gone to bed yet. So there Father Time.

Anywho... Fast Friday Fab...

1. MARCH. Only a few days away, and I know it's going to be an excellent month. 4 concerts, week of best friend/sibling visit, the almost end of the semester, so many good times to come!
2. CRAIG FERGUSON (& STEPHEN FRY) They did a Late Late Show together. No audience, no nothing, just them, shootin' the breeze. And you know, making late night television history. (I'll save my glowing review of this for another evening).
3. WELLIES. I invested in a pair of very green, very waterproof wellies. How do you like them apples, Mother Nature ?!
4. GRAHAM WRIGHT. A couple of days ago he posted a solo demo track on his tumblr account. I really really really really really really love it. He's one of the members of Tokyo Police Club, and if what hes working on is indicator of what they as a group are working on, I see much more brilliance in their future. Also, it was just announced this week that he's opening for Said the Whale and In Flight Safety during their Ontario shows. I can't contain my excitement. ( !!!!!!!!!!!!! )
5. CANADIAN WOMEN'S HOCKEY TEAM. To quote Rick Mercer's tweet "The IOC or any media saying shit about womens hockey team is absurd. Let it go."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the pin-striped men of morning are coming for to dance (F x's 3 Series #2)

Fab Five Fridays... presented to you on Saturday morning...

1.) THE OLYMPICS. 'nuff said.
2.) World Sick. The one song released from the new BSS album - Forgiveness Rock Record. It comes out on May 4th. Very excited. Pitchfork can give you the deets.
3.) This is an amazingly well written review on Vampire Weekend's album Contra. (I find these wonderful things by following much cooler people than myself on Twitter.)
4.) Alexander McQueen. He was a brilliant designer who created truly amazing fashion. Not just clothes, fashion. Take a moment to appreciate his brilliance.
5.) Ginger Ale. I've had the flu this week, and so ginger ale has been catapulted in to the world of fab.

Friday, February 12, 2010

so come out of your cave walking on your hands (F x's 3 Series #1)

Welcome to Fab Five Fridays. I get so bored so quickly with this blog that I'm always trying to come up with new and exciting things to do with it. Well as new and exciting you can make something like this. (I may have sort of gotten this idea from Lainey Gossip) Here's how we're going to play this one though. On Fridays (or around Fridays) I'll post five things that are awesome this week. Or that are interesting. Or just anything really. Here goes.

1. Bill Waterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, and a genius in my books, did an interview. Sort of. The man is something of a recluse, and when this random columnist from Ohio sent him an e-mail, he actually responded. It's quite fab. Also, Calvin and Hobbes is one of the very few things I can draw well, I like Bill all the more for that. Not to mention the comic is smart, funny, and insightful. Ok, I own three books of Calvin and Hobbes comics.

2. Lainey Gossip, recently introduced to me by a fellow pop culture fan, has opened my eyes to the douche-ness that is John Mayer. Not that I had any sort of idea what he was like before I read this, but now I'm just plain horrified. Who lets things like that come out of their mouth?!

3. I have been singing this song at the top of my lungs lately. Mumford and Sons are some kind of awesome. If you read the wikipedia page for them it says there is a London folk scene. Did not know that. I want to go to there.

4. I don't know about you, but I get some fairly interesting e-mails from my mother. And interesting phone calls. And interesting mail. This site embraces that. It's hilarious.

5. Fox News is not a new source. It is bullshit conservative propaganda that treats fact checking as optional, and see opinions as truth.  Jon Stewart was recently on the O'Reilly Factor and talked about just that. He is definitely in my top 5 of comedians on TV (after Tina Fey, Craig Ferguson, and Stephen Colbert, but before Jenna Elfman). This is part one of his interview.

Now wasn't that fun?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I know my call despite my faults, and despite my growing fears (T&S Series #12)

For the past month and a half I've been going through a weird phase in musical taste. I'm all about the more country/traditional folk feel and electronica/remixes. Two genres I usually avoid now have appeal. I wish I knew what brought about the change.

So the last mix was on remixes, this one is a nod in the folk direction.