Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey don't act embarrassed, you're not fooling anyone. (F x's 3 Series #3)

Though it is technically Saturday right now, I have decided that this will be counted as a post on a Friday, simply because I have not gone to bed yet. So there Father Time.

Anywho... Fast Friday Fab...

1. MARCH. Only a few days away, and I know it's going to be an excellent month. 4 concerts, week of best friend/sibling visit, the almost end of the semester, so many good times to come!
2. CRAIG FERGUSON (& STEPHEN FRY) They did a Late Late Show together. No audience, no nothing, just them, shootin' the breeze. And you know, making late night television history. (I'll save my glowing review of this for another evening).
3. WELLIES. I invested in a pair of very green, very waterproof wellies. How do you like them apples, Mother Nature ?!
4. GRAHAM WRIGHT. A couple of days ago he posted a solo demo track on his tumblr account. I really really really really really really love it. He's one of the members of Tokyo Police Club, and if what hes working on is indicator of what they as a group are working on, I see much more brilliance in their future. Also, it was just announced this week that he's opening for Said the Whale and In Flight Safety during their Ontario shows. I can't contain my excitement. ( !!!!!!!!!!!!! )
5. CANADIAN WOMEN'S HOCKEY TEAM. To quote Rick Mercer's tweet "The IOC or any media saying shit about womens hockey team is absurd. Let it go."

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