Saturday, February 20, 2010

the pin-striped men of morning are coming for to dance (F x's 3 Series #2)

Fab Five Fridays... presented to you on Saturday morning...

1.) THE OLYMPICS. 'nuff said.
2.) World Sick. The one song released from the new BSS album - Forgiveness Rock Record. It comes out on May 4th. Very excited. Pitchfork can give you the deets.
3.) This is an amazingly well written review on Vampire Weekend's album Contra. (I find these wonderful things by following much cooler people than myself on Twitter.)
4.) Alexander McQueen. He was a brilliant designer who created truly amazing fashion. Not just clothes, fashion. Take a moment to appreciate his brilliance.
5.) Ginger Ale. I've had the flu this week, and so ginger ale has been catapulted in to the world of fab.

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