Saturday, May 16, 2009

our home and native land...

this morning on CBC's radio program Go, Brent was talking about what it means to be canadian, which, surpirse surprise, is something i think about a lot. upon hearing his list of certain defining characterisitics (knowing what a zamboni is, third line of "my heart will go on", etc.) i came up with a few of my own:

willingness to give directions when asked (even if you dont know exactly where you're directing to)

unshakable faith in your team (even if you havent exactly followed them this season)

belief that it is your duty to be an armchair critic of the CBC (even if you know there is no way it will ever change)

know and revere the beavertail (even if it is only good during the winter)

and take immense pride in all canadian actors (even if they've moved to the US and arent actually good at acting)

or maybe this is just what makes ME feel canadian?

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