Tuesday, May 5, 2009

McDreamy vs. McDruggy

I will admit this without shame; I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. And to a lesser extent, House.

I have the greatest respect for Shonda Rhimes. Oh how she has kept me begging for more Mer/Der drama, I love a good Izzy breakdown, Bailey's rants bring joy to my heart, and Christina's quips make me giggle.

However. this has come to an end. I've recently realized that my two beloved shows are teasing me. they are stringing me along in fact, assuming I am some blind faithful follower! not so. not so at all. 

Denny's reappearance on Grey's was something of a let down for me. Genius way to kill off Izzy, perhaps, but disappointing. I felt like we had been there, done that, accepted he was dead, and moved on. So in my opinion, it was something of a cop-out for the writers, along the lines of, "lets just distract them with this while we come up with the REAL story and take our sweet time doing so" I was grateful when Denny went back to the dead, maybe now that they've done the zombie lover type thing it will never happen again, just a sad little blip in the awesomeness of the series. 

I WAS SO WRONG. because now the writers of House haved decided it was a good idea, and did the same damn thing.

So I might be a little biased, I didnt like Amber to begin with, I certainly dont like her any more now. But, I see what these writers are doing, they cant come up with more interesting patients, so they desperately steal a page from Grey's and take a breather while they figure out how to introduce the good material again. House is too finely developed a charcter to go through rehab again. We all know its the vicodin thats the problem! And like his team wont notice something is wrong, sheesh.  

What gets me is that TV is a form of entertainment, and there is NOTHING entertaining about watching two shows use the same plot sequence. both house and greys needed to deal with their major plot issues before the finale left us hanging, but to use the same bring back the dead lover ploy is just lame. Mer/Der are moving up the wedding for Izzy, and my bet is, shes going to die. Check, kill off character and resolve drama. House and Cuddy hooked up, and Cameron and Chase broke up. Check, kill off charcter (well, atleast i think Chase is finally going to get gone) and resolve drama. god people. LETS GET A LITTLE MORE CREATIVE PLEASE. 

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