Monday, May 25, 2009

oooh you cut me deep

i am sorry to say ive neglected this blog of late, and upon realizing that this evening, i also noted that i hadn't read much of the news lately either. this in mind, i pulled up the front page of the toronto star, and, viola! and article that may very well be blog-worthy.

Major props to the woman. the queen sure does know how to pick the right diplomat for the job, and it seems that michaelle jean definitely is that woman.

I can understand how people would protest seal hunting. Especially if they're out of touch, live under a rock, and have no access to the news. However, if none of those apply, there is NO EXCUSE. I hate seeing something die as much as the next person, but i recognize that there are people different from me, who maintain traditions specific to their culture and life style. These traditions may not be appealing to me personally, but part of being an adult is live and let live.

So shame on you United Nations for banning a WAY OF LIFE. No one wants to see animals abused, but maybe you could have considered the nations and groups of people who are professional and understanding about their practice of hunting? and maybe not impose a ban that hurts more than it helps? Most importantly though is how the UN expects Canada to enforce a ban that affects its own peoples?

So, well played Michealle Jean. I mean, eating a heart really does scream solidarity.

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