Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the money i dont have is burning a hole in my pocket!

Read this:

and then read this:

WHAT THE HELL. as if university fees werent shitty enough, the U of T has decided that regardless of the number of courses you're taking (which currently dictates a portion of what tuition goes towards) theres just going to be ONE fee. the fee for FIVE courses. 

so what? the university just doesnt want to do as much math now?

the best part of the article is that they admit the point is to make money. if i have to hear one more thing about "these troubling economic times..." im going to scream. i recognize that university is not a charity (my financial aid rejection letter definitely says that loud and clear) but they could have atleast come up with a few feeble lines about how this helps students. even they realize in no way would a student be happy with the change. unless they're one of those crazy wunderkinds who take six courses a semester, in which case, score! you are more hated now that ever before!

its annoying. plain and simple. annoying that a school would forget that it was established to pass on knowledge, not the stress of debt. annoying that students would be disregarded by the administration. annoying that a university is DUMB ENOUGH to think its ok for someone to pay for services they DONT WANT. 

and why do you ask am i concerned, as i do not attend u of t? because, like the swine flu, stupid seems to be catching in the post-secondary world. 

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