Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and laughter took the place of everything we knew we were not (MSB Series #2)

today on the bus...

... a girl was wearing a pink leather jacket. If Grease had of been set in the 80's, Sandy would have totally worn it when she became a pink lady.

... there was a very awkward umbrella incident. a woman (whether accidentally or on purpose i dont know) opened her umbrella, spraying the three ladies across from her with water. it was a fairly large golf umbrella from the university, and as she was struggling to close it the bus stopped and a woman walked on, not paying attention to the front of the bus where the flailing of the umbrella was occurring. to prevent something horrible from happening (or i assume that was the motive) one of the women who got sprayed threw out her arm and cried 'watch out'. the woman walking looked startled, and then in a very stern voice you might hear from your grandmother, told the flailing umbrella lady to 'put that away!' and promptly sat down right across from her. the rest of the ride was fairly quite...

... there are regulars! people who ride the bus on a daily basis, on the same route, at a fairly set time! i hadnt really thought about this (as you can tell from my enthusiasm). a guy got on the bus this morning, and this is how i assume the conversation between he and the bus driver went:

guy: fumbles in bag for a moment, but looks up "oh hi bob"
driver: look of recognition on his face "hello roger, how are you today"
guy: "good, good, yourself?"
driver: "not bad, oh dont worry about it" (referring to showing bus pass)
guy: "thanks bob, have a great day"

i want to be a regular just so i can have one of those pleasantly meaningless conversations with the bus driver.

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