Wednesday, March 10, 2010

is the door shut tight, it's a morning song

If I can't spend the rest of my life living on a perpetually warm beach with a never ending supply of hemp and berry smoothies, I would like to go see a never ending amount of live shows. From National Arts Centre's concert halls, to college's shitty student lounges, all I want to do is listen and see people play music. This is essentially what I'm doing with the month of March.

Last night, I went to a shitty college student lounge, to see Aidan Knight and We Are The City, live, and for free. What is not to love about that combo? Well, my friend and I were a. late to leave downtown, b. misjudged the amount of time to get there, and c. had no idea where this lounge actually was, having never been on that campus before. It was an adventure. So adventurous in fact, that we missed Aidan's set. It was only a baby concert too. Just two hours long. We were there for 25 minutes.

However, in those 25 minutes, We Are The City impressed me beyond belief. They have got some sort of magic musical touch where indie meets headbanging is so o.k. you want to style your hair just like theirs and pick a best friend to harmonize with forever. They were charming, funny, and all got in on the stage banter. (Stage banter makes or breaks a show for me. For reals.) They are creative and have flair. Nothing about those 25 minutes was boring.

Here's a video I found of them from another blog, Calgary Is Awesome , and it give a pretty good idea of what the show last night was like. Listen and love people.

Shot at the Dark - We Are The City from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

ps. they have a youtube channel, and it is glorious.

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