Friday, March 19, 2010

How would you know it, You're the same when you're living (F x's 3 Series #6)

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday.

1. There are many reasons why I love Graham Wright's tweets, but today, my reasoning is two fold. a. he posted a link to Jezebel, and b. it had to do the time old debate of cake vs. pie. 
2. One of Ottawa's few independent music stores closed this week. Shame on you ticketmaster, HMV, and all the other corporate bastards who decide to locate themselves conveniently down the street from true gems of a store. End Hits, thank you for being awesome and providing me with tickets to almost every show I've seen in the past two years. 
3. For my Intro to Women's Studies class last year we had to write a paper dissecting the portrayal of women in a music video of our choice. (I tore Beyonce's Diva to shreds.) The A.V. Club wrote an awesome article in the same vein. 
4. Kevin Drew is just so darn quotable!
5. I saw a homeless man throw up on a bus this week. Then he passed out. Can someone please come up with a real solution to the growing problem of homelessness?

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