Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hey oh hey oh hey oh (T&S Series #1)

so this mix thing. Location, location, location may just refer to the the titles, but i think it flows pretty well. Flows like when you're traveling on a long car ride and the scenery out the window just melts together in one long blur.

Oh hey, travel has to do with location.

Black Mountain sounds like something my dad would 'make' me listen to in the car in one of those long drives. But I would love it. A lot. Somehow the song also reminds me of Vermont mountains, the forest around there, and seeing the sugaring shacks.

Eastern Shore because who doesn't love Feist? I think some of her songs, while awesome, are underplayed, and this is one of them. Learn to love ALL Feist has to offer.

Bat for Lashes singer Natasha Khan has such and ethereal voice. Her cover of A Forest is new and interesting. Plus, who doesn't love a good "Hey!" breakdown?

Amy Millan's cover is just classic. I might just like it more than the original. Less pop more... better?

You know those songs you can just drive to? Dreamworld is definitely one of those. Constant beat, mellow voices, electric guitar play in the bridge, etc. Quality.

I haven't actually listened to a lot of Atlas Sound music. I just really like the name. I want to believe that it's implying that music doesn't have borders, that it covers the whole world. I read up on him (Atlas Sound is the solo project of Bradford James Cox) and turns out he was born in Athens... Georgia. So, not really global music, but still very cool.

The two guys who make up Awesome New Republic really are awesome, really are new, and... i don't know what to say about the republic portion of the name. I'm sure they value equitable and accountable government. Anywho, their song Florida is not only a place but something that makes you want to sing along with them at the top of your lungs (and not in a disney movie kind of way).

I guess this is the long winded way of saying; sit back, relax, and enjoy the musical styling of eight pretty sweet musicians who just happened to all have one thing in common - they're on my first 8 track mix (and the obvious song title thing... but we covered that).

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