Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's happening now, and it's always been like this

The New York Times Magazine Fashion and Style blog makes me so very happy.

Right now they're doing a really neat series - "The Nifty 50" where they showcase fifty very nifty people indeed. From musicians to coffee connoisseurs, they just do a brief write up of who they are and what makes them awesome. Some of these names you've heard before, others maybe not at all, but its all good, because by the end you definitely want to know more.

Some of my favourites have been on Annie Baker, Gabourey Sidibe, James Freeman, and Girl Talk.

They have been pretty heavy handed with the American model/actor interviews, but that is easily forgiven when they are so well written. I mean, there isn't a word or format choice I would want to see changed, which is crazy because I am the most critical person I know.

They have more to say than just how cool fifty people are though, check them out here for posts on latest lines from classic designers, or whats happening in the interior design world. It may sound like a housewife's wet dream, but in all reality, this shit is awesome and relevant and a part of everyday culture that isn't always looked at in such a critical and interesting way.

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