Thursday, January 7, 2010

desire is hunger is the fire i breathe.

I was going to post about a couple of things this week, but every time I sat down to actually write, I got bored, and that is most definitely a sign that those posts shouldn't be published.

Instead I'm going to make a list. Easy, succinct, and while they are somewhat overdone, they remain mildly amusing (I said mildly!)

1.) Been listening to a lot of Patti Smith lately. May just be a phase.
2.) Sore throat. Tea is not acting as the cure it usually is. On to clementines. GO GO VITAMIN C!
3.) I am motivated this semester! By which I mean I have done nothing to contribute to my education this week but buy textbooks and scan online newspaper headlines. Strong start, I know.
4.) Just realized my New Year's resolution is more of a goal than anything. Should jump on that.
5.) I make a pretty mean vegetarian chili.
6.) This is actually pretty boring. Thanks for suffering through and reading it. For some strange reason I feel obligated to post on here now that I know people actually read this. If anything that should encourage more interesting content. Alas, no.

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