Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm out of time.

This is my baby. My brain child. The thing that has taken up the bulk of my time for the past month. And I am very proud to present to the world this video, and it's message:


We care about climate change, we care about COP15, and we most definitely care about effective long-term policy commitments on the part of the Canadian government to a resolution that comes out of COP15.

But most of of all, this video reminded me that MANY DIFFERENT kinds of people care about this. It's a universal concern, let alone a Canadian one. I talked to tourists on Parliament Hill, I've e-mailed people about this across the country, and across the world, I talk about this non-stop to the people I know in Ottawa, and post it online. It's a positive message that so many can agree with. 

And I couldn't have made this message available to all those people if it weren't for Oxfam Canada, ecoSanity, a very patient and talented friend in Toronto, and so many wonderful people in Ottawa.

Watch, talk about it, and send it on. Let the world know; Yes, you care too.

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