Thursday, December 17, 2009

You're Going Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

Today is a list kind of a day.

1) That last post was kinda long. Woah. Also, very dorky. I comment on political speeches for kicks? What is my life coming to?
2) I am super into Phoenix right now. Take a listen. I think my room mate might hate them. They've been on repeat since Tuesday.
3) I think the Twitter "over capacity" whale is charming.
4) I took a political thought final exam today and couldn't help but think of ridiculous connections between ancient political philosophers and theorists and pop culture today. Expect a super intensely geeky post soon. (as a teaser i'll just say... Socrates = K'Naan)
5) I have discovered Google Reader. It has made my obsessive blog following so much more organized. Get it (and then add my blog).
6) (parenthesis are fun) SO ARE CAPS.
7) This post makes me sound drunk. Or high. I am, in fact, merely very exhausted. Scratch that. I'm pooped.

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