Saturday, November 28, 2009

with these distractions we could be having fun

i saw the junior boys in concert a couple of weeks ago. other than making me feel like an uber hipster, it was awesome. they are so much better live, and you really get to see how experimental and fun they are, something i dont think translates well on their recorded stuff. more than anything though, i love their vocals. so soft, contradicted with the sharpness of electronica.

au revoir simone does a similar thing. but these girls are a little less experimental, a little more into harmony, and a lot great. here they are on CBC's Q.

i think that junior boys and au revoir simone need to hook up. their shows would be the perfect kind of indie electronica. and then they could make babies and those babies would be perfect little indie electronica bands. and the world would be whole and right and good.

and i think when i grow up ill be a musical match maker.

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