Thursday, November 5, 2009

but through it all i left my eyes on you (T&S Series #4)

To me, the bass line in a song is the drama of the song. Forget flashy guitar solos, or charming little melodies on the keyboard. Bass is where its at.

This mix is a tad eclectic. Who would ever dream of putting Bay City Rollers and Vampire Weekend and Northern State together? Not me. Thats for sure.

Joy Division's "The Kill" is so unlike them I love it (not that I dont always love them). For this charming song they made it a upbeat. What a revolutionary idea. The bass line definitely helps that along.

I might be crazy, but I think that this Bay City Rollers song is a little over produced. Maybe even all of "Rollermania" was over produced. (Can horrible cultural periods in history be over produced?!). Notice though, that no matter how much extra stuff they try to throw into this song, you can still follow the bass!

Dappled Cities are a group I should be listening to more of. They are going places. And their bass line is helping to take us there.

The use of the bass line in War Pigs really is just for drama. Its urgent, and insistent in the beginning and then just carries you through the song.

No matter how many times I listen to "If you love someone, set them on fire" it always surprises me. Dead Milkmen do something very unusual in that the bass keeps the beat, and the guitar is on the off beat. Percussion is thrown in there for accent, and the lyrics are just crazy. Throws me for a loop, and then I remember that its awesome.

Bullion is just plain classy. Thats right, classy.

I love Northern State (and not just because Hesta Prynn requested to follow me on Twitter). Just when you think you've got them pegged, they remind you that they're square, and its a circular hole. I think the bass line on Signal Flow is funky. They're pretty discriminatory in how they only feature it in the refrain, but there you have the drama.

Vampire Weekend is a favourite of mine. They REALLY know how to make music. They also REALLY know how to use a bass line. Not just on "Campus" either, but throughout the whole self-titled album. Give it a listen. Your ears will thank you.

A good bass line is a good bass line. So crank your bass and give this whole thing a listen. Maybe even playing it loudly. Your ears should thank you for that too.

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