Saturday, August 1, 2009

wish i could shut my playboy mouth

i saw "the ugly truth" a couple of nights ago.

and yes, it is ugly.

i find that theres a new version of the chick flick hitting the big screen lately. movies like "the ugly truth" and "hes just not into you". they glory in being able to present 'shocking' information about the male/female dynamic, and while i dont think the producers ever expected someone to sit there while watching them and ask, "is this what people really think?", i most definitely did do just that.

the movies were funny (sort of) and eye opening (but not really) and what they really had in common were the female lead roles. in both films the women were presented with having a problem with men, that could only be solved with earth shattering insight from men themselves. and that is what frustrates me most.

the movies dont show equal confusion or indecision for men AND women, its the women who are at a disadvantage, as if we're lacking some crucial information to enable us to "score big" with guys. puh-leeeze. i think jane austen has it right, atleast in her plots EVERYONE is EQUALLY confused. because thats, realitically, the way it is. one person does not have more answers than another, there is not a secret to hooking up, and there definitely is not a guru out there who will hold your hand until you realize you faults and failings and meet prince charming!

so what really ends up being shocking about these movies is there complete detachment with the real world. and here i was thinking hollywood was "with it".