Monday, August 10, 2009

i dont want to write you a love song, 'cause you asked for it, 'cause you need one

this summer has been the summer of jane austen. (amognst other things).

until this summer though i hated austen. REALLY hated her. because all i could see in her stories were women's sad desperate needs to get married and be in relationships, and their strange desire for fairytale endings. (kitty and lydia bennet anyone?) ive always been so cynical about that, and couldnt understand why anyone would remotely want that. too much commitment, so tied down, unnecessary responsibility. YUCK.

i am certainly no less cynical now, but i do have a new perspective that gives me a greater appreciation for her novels. she writes about how people interact with each other in a realistic way. all of the awkwardness and uncertainty is there. that little dance we all do; do i like you, do you like me, what is going on, what do i say, how do i say it, etc. ... its allllll there in minute detail. as one friend would say theres "sexual tension" and thats what makes it interesting.

people are unpredictable (like in persuasion when hayter and henrietta get in engaged - who saw that coming?!) and austen certainly likes to remind us of that. it comforts me. reminds me that there is no chance in hell of me figuring someone's intentions out (unless they spell it out, but really who does that?) and if its been like that since austen's day and time, i MUST not be missing anything...

... right?!

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