Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We were caught by the light, Held on the day

sometimes i feel like im living in a movie. a movie without much of a clear plot line mind you, but a movie none the less.


drive out to the bay on a summer evening, top of the convertable down just to catch a breeze. drinking a chocolate milkshake after having fish sanwiches for dinner. anything to stay cool, but happy to have the heat.

on the sailboat as the sun begins to set and the afternoon breeze fades away. not saying much, just enjoying the first sail of the summer. letting hand drag in the water, watching the ripples, and wondering what the fish below are thinking.

stopping in at family's house on the way home, just to say hi and borrow a pair of boots. getting home with a new sunburn and hundreds more freckles. curling up on the couch to watch and old favourite.


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