Sunday, June 28, 2009

and im thinking just in passing, what if this song does nothing?

can some one please tell me what "democratic norms" are these days?

american president Obama kindly asked the hondouran militia to follow said "democratic norms" during their coup. ohhh words of wisdom...

what i get from the issue, as informed by this article, is that the country is divided over their ideals of a successful state. with zelaya buddy buddy with chavez, half the country fears that they will turn into a socialist nation, similar to venezuela. at the same time, the other half dont want to see the country turn into a capitalist pig-dog nation. with the latter half having already been in power for a bit, the first half stage a coup and take matters into their own hands.

i say, fair enough, we'll see what happens. personally, i wouldnt want either of the proposed options on the table. is there any way to find middle ground? probably not right now. but obamas reaction is interesting. as the president of a capitalist pig-dog nation he would want to see his version of democracy upheld, but in that, he is limiting the meaning of the word "democracy."

call me an idealist, but i would think that the whole concept of democracy comes from the peoples right to excercise direct intervention in their government, as they see fit. granted, not everyone agrees (meet china, where democracy is soooo 1900's), which is cool. you can see how certain types of governments work for some, and not for others. (or not at all, aparently in iran). but the overall point is that there is freedom to choose, to try one, and see how it goes. yes, a coup is a gamble, and yes, its annoying if you're part of the half who arent exactly overjoyed with the idea, but immediately after the coup is staged is not the right time to be making political commentaries on the political success of hondouras. seeing how there arent results to assess as of right now.

so hold your horses. lets see how this plays out. and how 'bout that iran? how about some wise words on this one obama?

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