Tuesday, March 17, 2009

welcome to university. you have no life.

today is st. patricks day, and as i sit here in the library while my friend destroys my philosophy essay, im reflecting on this year at university. for possibly the one night a year when it is socially acceptable to get drunk on a tuesday i am stuck thinking about euthanasia. pleasant, i know. and somehow ironic... while atleast 3/4 of my building is getting plastered im in the library (with a surprising number of others i may add) i am writing a paper thats due a 8.30am tomorrow morning. i did not procrastinate as i usually would have. finishing it at this point is a great success. moving on though, this night is very much so the epitome of my year.

while countless others are out about town, i remain here on campus, whether in the library or in my room, keeping it pretty low key. not that i havent had some interesting nights, but the majority have been on the studious side. it turns out that living at school, being a full time student, and hanging out almost exclusively with other students means my life revolves around academics. when i hang out with friends we talk about classes, and things in the news, and university scandals. maybe these are just the kind of people i hang out with, but then again, maybe this is what you give up when you go off to uni. part of your life, if not the majority of it, is surrendered to school. its my focus, my source of news, entertainment, and of course, knowledge. these are good things, sure. but i kind of resent it.

resent it because i willingly signed up for an institution with the misconception that i would "get a life" when in all reality, i gave one up. instead of enjoyin a st paticks day where i can legally drink in one province, i gave it up to write a philosophy paper. and i am not pleased.

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