Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No, Im Just Not That Into YOU

i got a text today from a highschool friend asking if i had dropped off the face of the earth, since she hasnt heard from me in awhile. no, i had not died or disappeared, or anything along those lines, i had simply failed to get back to her. multiple times. the point is though, with popular forms of communication today, i can avoid someones attempts to get a hold of me. i wont return an e mail, or disregard a wall post on facebook. i will click ignore on my cell phone when someone calls, or "accidenally" delete a text. these things happen all the time. whoops?

i am not a bad friend. i really do care. really. its just that with so many ways to contact a person, it can be a little overwhelming. everything is so instant, so in your face there every second, and i frankly dont like my friends THAT MUCH to always be in contact with them. if i did, we would be living together. or somehow find a way to be surgically attached.

and any way, a wall post? thats how you want to ask me how i am? are you even sincere in asking? or a text to see if im still alive? what would you do if i didnt respond? just assume the worst and text someone else to see if they've heard the same? i would mcuh prefer an email; let me know how you're doing, give me a chance to gather my thoughts and respond. or make a phone date; take time out of our day to catch up.

i recognize how important it is to stay in touch with people, i sincerely value my friendships with others, and i know i have a choice to do away with texting and facebook and email, if i really dont want others to have so much access to my life. i guess sometimes i feel that instant attempts at communication has expectations of instant response, and that i cannot guarantee to ever deliver. i did text my friend back to say i was alive, and ask her how things were going, and a conversation via text ensued. but then is that really and truly communicating with someone? or just instant gratification of a technological variety?

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