Tuesday, October 16, 2007

short skirt with the tights underneath...

i just finished reading an article on the fashion sense of the 2008 US presidential candidates, and frankly, im concerned for the american voter.

my first thought was that clothing really shouldnt be a concern when it comes to politics. dont get me wrong, i love fashion, but there are more important issues this country needs to work out than the cut of hilary clintons shirt or how well obama's suits fit him. shouldnt we be more focused on global warming and the war in iraq?

however, what you wear is a first impression. its one of the first things a person will notice about you, and so making an effort on your appearance is important. for a job interview someone is more likely to dress well, pay closer attention to how they look, and, essentially, a presidential campaign is one very long job interview. why else would candidates wear suits and, in clintons case, high heels on a regular basis? i sincerely doubt its for fun.

looks are an important factor in the presidential package. younger men like jimmy carter and j.f.k. were shoo-ins because of their "all american" good looks. older ones like reagan and roosevelt were elected because of the american traditions they represented. clinton and bush were strong candidates because of their modern american man appeal - family, wealth, political legacy. not to mention their basic, no frills suits in the subtle tones of red, white, and blue. how a candidate appears in one of the first judgements a voter can make, so shouldnt they make their appearance as good as possible?

I understand the appeal. im not immune to the judge-a-book-by-its-cover syndrome, but i certainly hope voters are looking a little deeper. and im very concerned when the press only notes hilary clintons cleavage instead of her words. people need to understand that there comes a point when appearance doesnt, and certainly shouldnt, matter. and this is one of those times. the focus of the public should be on the issues at hand. sure, take into account the dress of a candidate, but please recognize that that will never be the key to a great leader.

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